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    Musicartistry Recordings

    Pornophonique (Darmstadt, Germany)(MA047) 8-Bit Lagerfeuer DOWNLOAD Details: rar|192kbit|mp3 Runtime: 32:40 minutes Size: 47.0 mb Release Date: July 25th 2008 Style: Bitpop,Guitar,Vocals 01 Sad Robot 02 Take Me To The Bonuslevel Because I Need An Extralife 03 Lemmings In Love 04 Space Invaders 05 I Want To Be A Machine 06 1-2 Player Game 07 Game Over 08 Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame Gameboy meets campfire meets art Eight songs about sad robots, about feeling lonely in computerdungeons and about other sentimental stuff - sounds like Pornophonique are ready to launch one of the most spectacular release in all of Musicartistry's history! The output of the two guys behind Pornophonique boast quality songwriting, never-herad-before sounds and last but not least their songs are bound to sneak into your mind and stay there for a very long time. We recommend: Download this monumental work of art as long as it's still free! And since no one can live off music alone, your eyes will get some candy too: Eight artists from the comic/graphic novel - scene designed illustrations to the eight songs on the album. If you are interested, don't hesitate to order your copy of "8-bit Lagerfeuer" on pornophonique.de, complete with interchangeable covers in a white tin-box. BTFW: "Game Boy" is a registered trademark of Nintendo, Inc. Musicartistry takes a time-out till october! So far, thanks for your support!!! Pornophonique Release Cover as Wallpaper: design.musicartistry.de • Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity • musicartistry.net
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